Pre Placement

Pre Placement

Making pre-placement assessments part of your recruitment process demonstrates an early commitment to the health of your people. This benefits both the new employee and the business in the short and long-term.

Our Pre-Placement service provides you with the following benefits:

  • Medical assessment of an employee’s health prior to placement with a view to gauging their fitness to work
  • A cost effective way of identifying health problems that may affect the prospective employee’s ability to give an effective and reliable service
  • Potential to significantly reduce sickness absence levels
  • Provision of a base line health status of each employee at commencement of employment which is often useful as supporting evidence during and after employment
  • Discrimination Act 1995 (2005)
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Our experienced team will support you in the implementation of a robust comprehensive health programme to ensure that your company complies to all Health and Safety legal obligations. We will advise your company of the latest pertinent European directives, UK Occupational Health laws and regulations.

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