Mobile Clinic

Mobile Clinic

Our unique fleet of mobile health screening clinics are fully equipped with the latest technology and manned by qualified and experienced professionals, allowing our OH health care practitioners to travel across the breadth of the UK and Ireland to deliver our Occupational Health services at your convenience.

All units are fully self-sufficient and fitted with washroom and toilet facilities, making it accessible to all business types while providing a state-of-the-art onsite clinic. Use of our mobile facilities is particularly popular for Open Days at client premises, offering a range of drop in health checks for your workforce.

Our mobile clinics allow us to deliver services direct to your site, bringing screening units to any location across the country, no matter how remote. We work around your schedule and in a way that suits your business demands and carry out all screening, reporting, and recording within the units themselves, meaning we don’t require any office space from you.

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Our experienced team will support you in the implementation of a robust comprehensive health programme to ensure that your company complies to all Health and Safety legal obligations. We will advise your company of the latest pertinent European directives, UK Occupational Health laws and regulations.

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