Health Medicals

Health Medicals

As an occupational health company, UK Screening Solutions mission is to promote and maintain the health and wellbeing of your employees, and therefore benefit your business. Our aim is to create a healthy relationship between the employee, their wellbeing, and the workplace, by assessing risk factors and preventing work-related injuries and diseases. We have over 10 years of industry experience.

We have a nationwide network of experienced health practitioners who will carry out precise health screenings for your current and potential employees, and our partners are always Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Service (SEQOHS) accredited. If you want to ensure your employees are happy and healthy in the workplace, please contact us to learn more on how we can achieve this goal together.

We are:

  • Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Service (SEQOHS) Accredited
  • RISQS Accredited,
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2018
  • Information Commissioner Office (ICO) Registered
  • Cyber Essential Plus Accredited
  • JIB Approved Medical Provider

So you can rely on our professionalism and expertise in our field.

Our Occupational Health Assessments cover all aspects of workplace health and safety, ensuring that your employees are working in a secure environment. There are a wide range of risks in the workplace, depending on the type of business, and these factors can cause a variety of illnesses, injuries, and diseases within the workplace.

Pre-Employment Health Screenings are confidential, and allow for individuals to be supported in their new role should they have an underlying health issue that requires reasonable adaptations to the workplace. We professionally carry out these medical screenings after the recruitment process for candidates that have been chosen for the role. The screenings involve the prospective employee completing our detailed Health Questionnaire. The submission is reviewed by our experienced OHA’s and a potential follow-up telephone call with an occupational health professional to clarify any responses. We would then recommend a face-to-face medical assessment within the first six months of employment.

Safety Critical Medicals determine whether someone has the medical suitability for the safety critical role they are carrying out. The worker will be checked for issues which are relevant to the type of work they are doing.

Safety critical work can include:

Working at Height: This job has many risks, and those working high up must not have any health conditions which could create a risk of falling due to incapacitation.

Driving: Workers who drive a vehicle/operate plant machinery regularly – this could be driving a crane, tractor, van, excavator, tipper truck, or many others.

Confined Space: The space just has to be substantially enclosed, not particularly small – with a risk of dangerous substances or conditions. Workers could be affected by dust, a lack of oxygen, explosions, or poisonous gases.

Night Workers: Working at night comes with a variety of risks, and so there is a legal requirement for employers to carry out night worker medicals to ensure they are fit for this type of work. Health conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, and respiratory ailments are considered in the assessment . Night workers are also assessed for the impact that their shift pattern may have upon their mental health.

Lone Workers: There are certain risks when you are working alone, as there is no one to help you if you experience a health problem. Lone workers are assessed for medical conditions such as epilepsy or heart conditions which may cause sudden incapacitation. · Forklift/ Plant Operators: All forklift/plant operators must have a medical assessment before and then during employment, as they are required to have a certain level of fitness to operate such heavy machinery.

After the assessment, the worker will be given a Medical Certificate for the type of medical they have undergone which describes the outcome decision, and if they have any recommended restrictions for the role.

We are RISQS approved suppliers to deliver PTS Medicals for Network Rail personnel and sub-contractors, upon satisfactory completion of a medical, results are uploaded to the Sentinel portal. The PTS medical is a mandatory occupational health assessment that all rail workers and sub-contractors must undertake before attending work on a Network Rail site.

The PTS medical ensures that any railway operatives meet the medical fitness requirements necessary to work on or near trackside or undertake any work on or near a Railway line within the Network Rail infrastructure.

Our Oil & Gas UK accredited Occupational Physician can perform medicals suitable for OGUK workers (UK waters and the North Sea)

Every offshore worker must undergo and pass an Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) Offshore Medical examination.

The offshore medical certificate, as it is commonly known, is controlled by UKOOA and renewals are necessary every 2 years irrespective of the age of the offshore worker.

We are approved by the Joint Industry Board (JIB) to provide medicals which are compliant to the recommended standard. Members of the JIB are able to claim a portion of the cost back from the JIB. As from the 01 January 2018, JIB members can receive funding for Occupational Health Assessments for all operatives that participate in the JIB Benefits Scheme. Each operative can receive one funded Occupational Health Assessment (OHA) every three years, via one of JIB-approved providers. You can obtain this funding from ECIS up to the cost of the OHA, or *£85 (excl. VAT), whichever is the lowest amount.

Current funding 2022

Asbestos Medicals

We offer a full range of Asbestos Medicals.,

Licensed Asbestos Medical: This is a 2 yearly statutory medical

Non-Licensed Asbestos Medical: This is a 3 yearly statutory medical

Combination of Asbestos Medical & Fit to Work Medical / NFDC Audit scheme: most cost effective as both medicals will be done by the appointed doctor at the same time. No need to pay the cost of each medical separately.

“Post-exposure” Asbestos Medical: Inadvertent, incidental, accidental exposure to asbestos

Lead Medicals: Exposure to lead is associated with many health risks such as headaches, stomach pains and anaemia. In some cases it can also have more serious effects of kidney damage, infertility and nerve and brain damage. Because of these health risks under The Control of Lead at Work Regulations 1998 employers are required to control worker exposure to lead.

IRR medicals are for employees likely to receive an effective dose in exposure to radiation. It is generally known that ionising radiations are potentially harmful but like all hazardous agents, having adequate control measures in place can guard against the development of unwanted health effects.

Our OH Physicians are HSE appointed doctors under the following regulations:

  • Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012
  • Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002
  • Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999
  • Tier 4 Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) FOM-Accredited Occupational Physician
  • Oil & Gas UK Accredited Occupational Physician (UKOOA)
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