Absence Management

Absence Management

Reducing staff absence levels is at the heart of our Occupational Health service. We understand that supporting individuals and ensuring that they return to work as soon as possible is critical to your business.

At UK Screening Solutions, we specialise in the delivery of a proactive nurse-led absence management service, focusing on early intervention and early return-to-work strategies, whilst supporting your employees long term health. Our comprehensive triage process helps you find the most qualified clinician and appropriate path for treatment, ensuring a satisfactory outcome for both employer and employee.

We are experts on absenteeism, the many causes of staff absence, absence monitoring, support, and reporting. Our trained and experienced occupational health specialists can also advise on how to best manage employee returns to work, long-term illnesses, sick pay and fit notes.

Because our case managers are trained Occupational Health Advisors (OHA’s), they can manage 85% of all referrals. The remaining 15% of cases may need to be referred to one of over 150 Occupational Health Physicians that we work with.

Our physiotherapy and counselling partners can provide services across the UK, allowing us to help you manage the outcome and recommendations leading from your initial referral and OHA report.

Our staff absence management reports provide advice on what should happen next. We’ll look at reasonable and workable adjustments to get the employee back to work quickly and with genuine support. We can also offer a post-consultation interpretation call to discuss the contents of a report to clarify any uncertain areas.

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