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Welcome to UK Screening Solutions

At UK Screening Solutions we believe that good health is good for business and a healthy workforce is a productive one. We are a leading provider of Workplace Screening and Occupational Health Services throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. We work closely with all our clients to ensure that you have the optimal health and wellbeing strategy for your business.

Drug Screening

Our drug testing solutions offer reliable and accurate drug screening that can be tailored to your needs. We ensure precise results by ensuring practices are carried out correctly and offer a variety of different screening methods for multiple drugs.

Alcohol Screening

Our alcohol screening solutions offer extensive testing to determine an individual’s current level of blood alcohol content. This is possible by using a range of up to date technologies and sample types including urine and breath screening as well as hair sampling.

Occupational Health

We are nationwide providers of flexible Occupational Health Services, Health Surveillance, Occupational Health Assessments etc. throughout the UK and Ireland. We provide convenient workplace and off-site services to all types of organisations for both private and public bodies.


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